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June 29, 2013 / Amberly

Never Settle

You are a young beautiful women that exudes happiness.

Never settle!

I promise you, I won’t

Read It, Live It, Share It.

June 27, 2013 / Amberly

Read It, Live It, Share It.

What does this mean to me?

Embrace the Day

Embrace the Day!

Read It

My whole life I have learned through others, I remember watching my friends mom put on lipstick in her bathroom. She would carefully outline her lips, then fill them in with a gorgeous color of lipstick. I would go home, and with my little make-up kit I would practice putting on make-up the way she did. I learned how to be so many things through others and also what not to be. It is amazing how many things we can pick up by just listening, reading and observing others. It is such a shame when we stop learning, not that we can fully ever stop, but when we stop pursuing knowledge in our many ways. It is a detriment to us when a TV replaces books, smartphones replace looking at the world around us, and social media replaces genuine conversations. Read it, represents the force in all of us looking for knowledge.

Bookstore in Italy

Live It

There is no greater reward to experiencing the first hand actions of our life. We can always speculate how an event or action will play out, but until we have actually lived it do we know the true outcome. You can talk about a vacation all you want, when you plan on taking it, what you will do when you are there, how great it will be, but those are just words and thoughts until you take the action and not only book it, but get on that plane and go. Nothing will prepare you for how great or bad an experience will be until you are in the thick of it :) I know so many people who let their fears stop them from “living it” remember the worst that can happen is you fail… and return to what you were doing before you took that new action. Live it means to say YES!

Mushroom picking in Melbourne

Mushroom picking in Melbourne

Share It

Life is better when shared. I think we are here to affect people, and have an affect. There is something to be said about a life lived in solitude, but for me that will never be a reality. With over 7 billion people in the world, every person we meet will have an affect on us and us on them. We wouldn’t be where we are if our care-takers didn’t share with us their knowledge of the world, or how to walk. Sharing our life is just a simple way to make sense of the world around us in our own eyes, and also allow someone into a new perspective. Share It is creating your impact on the world.

A gathering of friends in Sydney Australia, Everyone knows each other from different parts of the world :)

A gathering of friends in Melbourne, Australia. Everyone knows each other from different parts of the world :)

This is how I like to live my life, I like to try to understand the world around me. To understand things that I don’t know, to live out things that are new and exciting and share this with those around me.

petting elephants

If you could share one thing about yourself, or your life, what would it be? Leave a comment :)

Read It, Live It, Share It.

June 26, 2013 / Amberly

Bucket List

The subject of a bucket list has come up many times in the past week. So I think it is time to make one. Well a written one.

I see bucket lists as an intention for your life. I think the way it works is we have a thought, something that we want to accomplish and we make decisions based on these thoughts, but also a little force helps to set things up in our path so that they are accomplished.

Bucket lists comprise of both materialistic, spiritual and physical things that we want to accomplish. I am not a fan of the timeline, I am a believer in the theory that we are responsible for the WHAT and WHY but not the HOW. This means that we need to know what we want, and why we want it, but how we get it isn’t up to us and we should be open to the many forms it might show up. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have goals that should be accomplished soon, as in a one year plan, we just shouldn’t become disappointed should that thing not happen within our expected timeline. What you want will come, at exactly the time it needs to come.

On that note, I think it is nice to have short term goals. Things that you would like to accomplish in a timely manner, and also things that are on the horizon, in the distance, but close enough that someday they will and can be a reality. I feel that New Years Resolutions are our short term bucket lists, these sadly for some of us are abandoned by February. For the short term goals a trick a friend just taught me was to write it down on a piece of sturdy paper and keep it in your wallet! It will catch our eye from time to time and get you back to concentrating on it.

Long term goals are those things that we say “someday we will do” These are the things we need time for. Sometimes other smaller goals need to be accomplished before they can be accomplished. Sometimes these are fleeting thoughts, we might not take them seriously until they become a possible reality.

Amazingly enough, I have never really written my goals down. I just make a statement, and then eventually it just happens. Most of the time I don’t realize I have accomplished something until many months after it has happened! It is pretty nice not to have to obsess over it, I just know that eventually I will have it accomplished!

I always say that I am checking things off my bucket list faster than I can add things onto it! I feel very pleased to be able to accomplish so many life goals! Here are a few that have been accomplished so far!

Watch the NYE fireworks in Sydney, AustraliaIntention made at 10 years young – Accomplished at 23 years young : When I was about 10 years old, I remember watching the NYE fireworks going off on the TV. I thought it was so cool, all the people who would commute to NYC, but what I thought was the best were the people who went to Sydney to be the first people to experience the New Year. I remember the TV host say that the hotels in Sydney are sold out a year in advanced for NYE, that it was so expensive to be there anytime that week, and the plane ticket alone was extravagant. In that moment I made a promise with myself that someday I will be in Sydney for the NYE fireworks. Guess what I did for NYE 2012… I was on the balcony of an amazing loft with a front row view of the fireworks, sipping champagne, with an amazing friend. CHECK

Sydney 2012 fireworks 2

Sydney 2012 fireworks

Teach English in Bangkok ThailandIntention made at 18 years young – Accomplished at 21 years young : When I gradutated high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next, a co-worker mentioned how she taught English in Thailand many years back and that I should consider it. So I did, I researched it, checked out what you needed to do to teach, and ultimately decided that it wasn’t something I would do that year. Thailand completely slipped my mind for many years. Then one day walking through the Gloucester Mall my friend who was going to overseas to Thailand to teach English mentioned wanting a roommate or a friend to join her. I thought what a great idea and got in touch with the company she was working for and three months later was in Thailand teaching my first class. I had completely forgotten that I had wanted to do this until about 5 months after returning back to the US from teaching for many many months. How funny!  CHECK

Bangkok Thailand


Become a cheerleaderIntention made at 12 years youngAccomplished at 17 years young : Oh ‘Bring It On’… I think you made millions of little girls want to be cheerleaders. I remember seeing that movie, seeing the stunts that these girls performed and was utterly stunned at what they could do. The moment I saw it I knew, I had to be thrown in the air. So I decided that one day I was going to be a competitive cheerleader. Grade 9 rolled around and auditions for high school cheerleading had begun, I am definitely not the cheer type, but a new friend in math class told me I should try out with her, and so I did. This lead me to 5 years of cheerleading both in high school and competitively. I didn’t realize I had accomplished this goal of being a cheerleader till many many years later! CHECK

Cheerleading Black Widow

Cheerleading Black Widow

So this is how it works for me, I state a desire, something I want and eventually I get it. I have a saying “I get everything I want”. It doesn’t necessarily come the way I think it will, or expect it to, but it comes and that is all that matter.

So here is the beginning of my list, some of them short term, some of them long term. Eventually I will organize them, add to it, cross things off. In the meantime it is a rough draft bucket list ;)

– Be on a TED Talks – Compete in a Half Ironman Triathlon – Live in France – Fall madly in love and have it returned (someone debated that this shouldn’t be on a bucket list… Whatevs) – Compete in a fitness competition – Make Smile Life is Beautiful T-Shirts and Stickers – Get my college degree – Finish first draft of book – Blog 3x week aka consistently – Be asked to speak about my view on life (on a stage in front of an audience) – Run a half marathon – learn conversational Italian – learn conversational German – Get a motorcycle license – Take a wilderness and city survival course – Combine my four loves into one website (Nutrition, writing, motivational speaking, smile life is beautiful) – Have my own talk show that empowers it’s viewers and helps up and coming thought leaders/inspirational people etc.

PS: Before I started writing this, I had put a quote in here by Death Cab For Cutie… and I just turned on Pandora and the two songs that just played in a row, are from Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service… it is on Blind Pilot radio… coincidence… I think not! Thank you to that little force :)

Death Cab For cutie

This post reminds me of the Death Cab For Cutie song New Year,
“So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self assigned penance
For problems with easy solution”

Make a resolution list and start to accomplish it, it feels good :)

Read It, Live It, Share It.

June 23, 2013 / Amberly

Do “I” work?

Play this while reading. :)

The other night I was having a thought, I love my life. I love the way I lead it.

One week I am in San Diego hanging out with my sisters, the next in Taos, New Mexico with a friend listening to Mumford and Sons. I like to think that in my free time I help others, inspire them even. I am also extremely happy and grateful I am who I am… But once in a while, I hesitate. I feel the overwhelming thoughts of others on how life should be lived and I believe them. I feel a burden to lead a life that is a bit more conventional.

This isn’t to say that the way I live is the best, nor to say the way they do is better. I, for just a moment become less confident in the way I live my life.

The other day, a friend of mine bought a house and it really made me think. I am 25, I haven’t finished school, gotten a real job, haven’t had a boyfriend in over 3 years.

Hmmm… Am I doing this right?

Now believe me, I have done many many things in the past 7 years, but most of those things include selling my stuff (many times) moving to different countries and making memories with some amazing people.

I mentioned that school is on the horizon. This is a big step for me, potentially staying somewhere for four years within a structured environment is something I have never done.

Here is the kicker… I have applied in Colorado, and have been accepted, which would see to it that I get a traditional four-year college experience. The only problem is, is this doesn’t appeal to me. It doesn’t appeal to me to spend four years in one location. The choice that appeals to me is going to Berlin, Germany. I have applied there. (I will know around the first week of August if I get in or not!) The process of going to school in Berlin seems to be so much more of who I am. Two years in Berlin, one abroad, another in Berlin and Wham Bam Thank You Ma’m I have my degree.

The struggle I am facing is I am torn between two lives; I am starting to feel the call of a life that is a little more stable, a life that allows me to share it with another amazing person, a life that I make business connections and friends, then stay to see the relationships develop longer than 1.5 years.

I am just not 100% there yet, and because I am not. A life lived chasing the wind and following my heart is the route I know I need to take.

So my fingers are crossed because if I can say the words “Berlin Here I Come” I know I am on my next amazing journey, one that will stay true to who I am in this moment, but also connect me to building my future.

Flight to Cairns Australia

Read It, Live It, Share It.

June 12, 2013 / Amberly

Lessons for

Before I start this please check out

This is the brain child of a friend, Snow White. Yes this is her real name, facebook has even kicked her off until she showed proof. When I first met Snow, I noticed that she wasn’t like everyone else around (especially the people we were living with). She had a drive, a thirst for knowledge, not particularily book knowledge, but knowledge on life. She was always reading great books, and going to seminars and networking event for local entrepreneurs. She *obviously is a free thinking woman who is making a big splash in the world. I have always admired her go-gettem attitude, and pursuit of life.

This leads me to her “Lessons for Life”. The first time I saw this I thought, HOLY MAC, this is a wonderful idea. I “liked” it immediate and since then have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the lessons  her website has to offer. It is amazing because the concept is so simple, just submit your three life lessons, yet the impact is just so big. I know that there have been lessons that have had a profound effect on me. You get a real sense of who the person is, just by reading three sentences of theirs. It helps you to wake up on the right side of the bed, it helps you to put things into perspective.

I have wanted to submit my own three lessons for a while, so finally yesterday I did.

Lessons for life.meAmberly Grants Lessons For Life

You should put your own lesson up. It doesn’t matter how old, young, rich poor, selfish or selfless you are. YOU have something to give to someone else. Your words will impact the life of someone.

Take a minute and go “like” it on facebook, your news feed will thank you for it. ;)

Read It, Live It, Share It.

June 2, 2013 / Amberly

I was once called a princess…

While working at a restaurant a long while back, someone once said
“I bet you were such a princess growing up”

I almost punched him in the face.

I think he was trying to understand why I smiled so much and was so happy. He didn’t know me well and decided to make an assumption.

Only problem is when you “assume, you make an ass out of u and me” ;)

He was slightly right when thinking that I had the best life… The answer would be, yes I did have the best life ever, if it were any different I wouldn’t be me. I think it is safe to say BEST is a relative word here.

I remember when I couldn’t explain my childhood without getting a lump in my throat. Now I use it as a way to relate to so many people who have been through tough times, to help explain to people that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you come from you always have a choice. I think that is why I smile, it is a choice to wake up and want to be here. It is a choice to live each day as if you ARE a PRINCESS.

Place a crown on my head because damn I am a princess and I do have the best life ever!

amberly dream life

Read It, Live It, Share It.

May 28, 2013 / Amberly

Everything is Always in Transition

Everything is in transition.

I don’t really  get upset and stay upset. This is something that can occasionally be detrimental to my life, but definitely a great quality that allows me to move on from moments and situations. I seem to forgive anyone and mostly everyone. There are  times when I need a month to do this, sometimes a minute, an hour or a week, but in the end you will be back on my good list.

The thing that I seem to recognize is that everything is fleeting, the emotions that we experience are going to change from minute to minute situation to situation. Allowing outside sources to dictate our mood in any current situation will send you on a whirlwind of emotions at anytime and all the time. This is not the way to live.

I see people in this roller coaster all the time. I feel that people notice when you don’t base your own emotions on the surrounding circumstances. Have you noticed people who seem to go about their day without reacting to the things going on around them? I like being with those people.


The solution to not becoming pulled in so many directions by the outside circumstances of our life would be to anchor into who you are and how you enjoy being. Said in laymen’s terms; Be who you want to be in every moment. If you want to be someone who is always happy, when a situation arises where you may feel that someone else or something else will affect that happiness, continue to be happy. There are times when we can’t achieve this, but in the end, it is like a muscle and all you need to do is exercise it.

When someone annoys you, know that you have a choice to be annoyed and another choice to show it. OR you can just decide that their actions aren’t really all that important and you don’t need to be affected by it.

Eventually you will develop your own homeostasis and all these outside sources will not deter you from it.

With that said. This is a great trait, it is easy for me to let go of things that may have others up at night for years, I won’t hold a grudge, I just don’t think it is necessary to hurt yourself to make someone else “pay for their mistakes or words”

I understand the concept of not letting people back into your life after something has been done to hurt you. This is something I need to learn, and while you don’t let them back in your life. I think it is important to keep evolving and therefore working on properly and fully releasing any ties emotionally that you might have against that person.

In the end, practice being what you want to be. Be happy and don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you :)

Read It, Live It, Share It.

May 21, 2013 / Amberly

Odd Coincidences…

Yesterday I was accepted to Community College.

This story though goes back to December 12th 2012. I was at a show at The Boulder Theater. Of Monsters and Men played an amazing show and the venue was just spectacular.

While on route back home to Denver, a very good friend not so casually brought up that he strongly felt that I consider going to University and finish a four year degree.

It was interesting to have Of Monsters and Men as a back drop to this conversation. I felt it  made such a wonderful evening a little heavy. Well actually when talking about University+Me= a lot heavy.

This is something that is really sensitive to me, I have many thoughts on University and one of the questions I had to ask was how he thought four years getting my degree would enhance my life. His answer really made me pause and think… From that moment on I have seriously considered if finally going back to a formal education would be beneficial to my life. After many battles within, I really realized that yes. It would be important and wonderful for me to get the knowledge and experience of a formal education.

So I applied at the local College and have plans to transfer to a CU school after a year.

Fast forward to yesterday. I received my acceptance letter to Community College, and last night I attended Of Monsters and Men at Red Rocks…


Coincidence? I think not.

This is how I believe the world works. If you need signs to do something, they are everywhere.

When you need an answer, it is there, somewhere, I promise.

I believe that if  you state what you want, good or bad, life, universe, god conspires to give it to you.

Think wisely, talk wisely. Eventually you will be getting exactly what you ask for, and sometimes, the sign will be so big you can’t close your eyes or tune it out. Sometimes you end up in the exact same spot, but are in an entirely different situation.

PS Here is my fortune cookie tonight. Fitting yes?

All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off

Read It, Live It, Share It.

May 10, 2013 / Amberly

Killing Time

While I am sitting here waiting for the latest “The Office” episode to load and I thought I would write a quick post.

I am not sure exactly what to write about but I am sure I will be inspired by something.

Starting from the beginning.

This could be synonymous with starting over, starting from scratch, or however way that cookie crumbles.

I have started working out again, first time in two months, basically since leaving for Europe. Coming back to Colorado is always a stretch on the lungs, being a mile above sea level, walking up stairs makes you winded. My first workout Wednesday morning was a bust. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was for me to get through it. A set that used to be so simple for me to finish has now become too difficult and had to be reduced. This first workout really frazzled me, I started to think gosh what is wrong with my body, why am I so weak!? Fast forward to today, I already see an improvement. More than that, I see an improvement in my mind. I see myself really understanding that I am going to have to get over these first hurdles. That while I was clearing my mind I neglected my body, and am now in a position where I am starting from the beginning (kinda). There is no need to be upset, mad, and there certainly isn’t a reason to quit in frustration.

I am making small but extremely significant strides everyday.

This pertains to so much more than just working out. The first few days, weeks, months of anything can seem so difficult. We might beat ourselves up or blame others, but remember, you are doing a little more each day and eventually this will plateau. This uphill battle to loosing weight, eating better, conforming to a new job, being in a new location will seem like a mole hill looking back.

Keep going, make those small changes. Do one thing to work towards your goal. This one thing could even be not beating yourself up. Remind yourself, these first hurdles are just setting you up for the easier path ahead. Above all, don’t forget your goal. Don’t forget what this temporary uncomfortableness is leading up to.

You got this!

Read It, Live It, Share It.

May 1, 2013 / Amberly

Throw Me a Bone… Please?

You know when you feel like things just keep happening. One thing after the other, then another…

Welcome to my life, the sneak peak isn’t all that fun. At least right now. Normally I am riding high, prancing around the world and work like I own the place, because heck may as well make it the best you can.

But can I be honest. I feel like I have been bitch slapped by the universe/life a few times this year. I think I actually proclaimed that this would be the best year yet… I guess I should have been specific. Someone out there took it as the best year yet… to learn lessons.
Thanks universe/consciousness… Go fuck yourself. :)

Clearly I am at odds with life at this very moment. And I am quite well aware that maybe it is my attitude in this present moment that is defining what comes next. BUT in this moment, I don’t care, and I am going to have a wonderful pity party. Clearly, you all are invited.

Today I woke up with my lips completely swollen. I mean, like I just had lip injections swollen. Flash back to Saturday I had the most amazing night. I met up with amazing women, we connected so well and think the same way. We were all fortunate enough to have a psychic reading and cranial sacral work done at one of their houses. THEN I met up with some great friends and went bowling. Fast forward to Sunday night, and I am curled up in bed with a fever, shakes, my skin hurting and feeling so delirious I can’t look at my cell phone to set an alarm. Monday and Tuesday are alright, but then Wednesday morning rolls around and I look like Dolly Parton.

What the heck!

Now that I have gotten out my frustrations time to change my mindset… Ugh being a victim is soooo much easier.


No matter what happens, it is always leading me to the next best place.

Maybe my lips being swollen stopped me from going out and doing something, which would have led me in the opposite direction of my highest good. I don’t know, I am just left with the discomfort of it,  I can’t see what good it is bringing, but sometimes life is like that. We can’t see the good until later, or maybe not at all.


Is my motto in life. It is the truth.


We are not what happens to us, we are here to experience all these emotions and feelings, we are not limited to what is going on in this present moment. This too shall pass. Correct?

Take a deep breath, smile, and know that everything is happening for my highest good.

Read It, Live It, Share It.