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October 10, 2013 / Amberly

I am Grateful

I have a tempurpedic bed!

I didn’t realize the significance of this bed purchase. I knew it felt weird and different, it was something that to me, only people who were accomplished should and could do. Buy a new bed. You gotta be kidding me!

Text messaging with my little sister I invited her to Denver to come sleep on my new comfy amazing bed. Sounds creepy, but it is something you can get away with with siblings. :P

She then told me how cool it was that I had this bed, when half our life we slept on cots. Our father couldn’t afford to buy beds so this was the alternative. Army cots that doubled as beds while we weren’t camping. How far had I come in my life where I could sleep comfortably in my very own bed.  I remember sleeping in a one bedroom apartment for many years, my sister, my dad and I. All in one room. All on cots. It was crowded, but it was nice. I remember staying up and writing poetry while my dad would be writing his books, or playing Command and Conquer. We used the free pool every weekend.

This led me to the memories of not having a fridge for a year. Every morning opening up the window sill in the kitchen to get the milk, it stayed there in the winter to keep cold, along with our other perishables. It was always way too cold and half frozen. We would let it thaw out on the counter for a minute or two, but in the end my cheerios would be swimming in icy milk.

What I remember is not being concerned all that much with this way of life. It was just what was. Something that would eventually end and we would have a fridge and how cool it would be when that happened.

I think people are so concerned about what they have, they forget the most important thing is how you treat others, how you make experiences positive. The worst memories of childhood don’t come from lacking certain necessities. The worst memories come from bursts of uncontrolled anger, the releasing of emotions in an unhealthy way. Those are the memories I dwell on.

So remember that maybe you can’t provide everything for your family, but if you can provide love. It is all that matters. It is lasting and it will make anything seem like an adventure and not a curse.

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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