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August 20, 2013 / Amberly

What Overwhelms You?

I don’t seem to get overwhelmed by much. Life likes to throw things at me, I dodge them, leap over them and ultimately brush it off like dirt on my shoulders ;)

Then came my first day of school.

Sitting here I have had more than one moment thinking how it would feel to quit school. I have messaged over 3 people to get emotional support and have had countless moments of swearing at my computer while buying absurdly overpriced books.

I wanted this.

I signed up willingly.

Today was the first day of school, and it went well. That is until I got home, and after a soothing run, pulled out the syllabi I was handed in each of my classes, with all the books I would need for the semester, and my assignments for the week. My plan was to sit pretty at Whole Foods while getting all this accomplished. First order books, next fill out my online school profile, introduce myself in this online platform and last but not least do the five assignments.

Books ordered: check. Quit school: check.

Okay so I am being dramatic, but I am overwhelmed. I think about how much I am spending on books, on tuition, how I have cut back my hours dramatically at work, that assignments are now handed in online, in one class it has to be .PDF another Microsoft Office. School doesn’t seem to be as simple as it used to be. Go to class, get assignment, turn assignment in to teacher when it is due. Maybe it’s just a case of the technology blues, I have never been any good behind a computer screen.

Either way this whole process seems to overwhelm me. I am emotionally drained from a day of school.

My little sister had her first day back yesterday and expressed that she feels the same way. Overwhelmed and a little anxious over the new lifestyle associated with the new title of being a “student”.

We are both feeling the weight of the start of something new, a large task four years long that includes an entirely new lifestyle and set of skills that haven’t been utilized in a long while.

What we have concluded is that being in school is about being organized. Placing one task in front of the other, so that not everything is a priority. The first few weeks are going to be overwhelming, headache producing and frankly just new. We wanted this. So hard work and dedication is the only thing that will get us through. Success is hard work, and we are successful.

Cheers to Juniper and I starting a whole new chapter. Let’s embrace the new found identity of being a student.

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  1. Sarah Filiatrault / Aug 21 2013 10:47 AM

    Oh yes, I know this feeling. Just one day at a time…one assignment at a time. And it will all be worth it! Proud of you xo

    • Amberly / Aug 21 2013 11:02 AM

      Thanks Sarah! I remember you going through your first years of Uni and damn you have a masters now! Maybe that will be me!!!

  2. Janet / Aug 21 2013 7:45 AM

    OH MY GOSH, I have such admiration and empathy for both of you. You are right that it is going to take awhile to get into the groove, but than it will get easier. I am VERY proud of both of you for doing this…it WILL lead to a very successful and happy career. Can’t wait to see you in a few days and give you congratulary hugs and kisses !!!

    • Amberly / Aug 21 2013 8:49 AM

      Thanks! Can’t wait to get that hug from you! Jenny and I will definitely be in this together, supporting each other through our ups and downs!

  3. enester1 / Aug 20 2013 10:53 PM

    You got it AG.

    • Amberly / Aug 21 2013 8:48 AM

      Thanks Evan! I do have this…

  4. Mindy Anne / Aug 20 2013 10:50 PM

    Oh Amberly, I could feel your every emotion – almost – . I am so proud of you endeavoring in this 4 year commitment. Something HUgE will come of it so just try to enjoy the ride and turn that brain on it will love it! You will love the process of learning at this time of your life. Endure and Enjoy! I know you can do it. xoMindy

    • Amberly / Aug 21 2013 8:48 AM

      Thanks Mindy! Yesterday was one of those days for sure, but I got this. Can’t wait till I send you my graduation invitation in the mail. First things first though… get through semester 1 :P

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