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July 24, 2013 / Amberly

The Hill = Life

I finally truly understand the hill = life metaphor.

While out biking with a friend today I knew that on the way back there was a gigantic hill waiting for me. I am sure by the end of our 1h30min bike ride, I turned a mole hill into a gigantic volcanic mound.

Our mind is an interesting place.

Getting a glimpse of that hill in the distance, it seemed like a daunting task. It is just dreadful that every part of your body is going to have to work together to complete the task of getting up it. It will probably take every ounce of strength in your muscles, leaving you nothing on the other side. You’ll get to the top and probably just fall over.

While you have contemplated every method of going around this hill, you realize the only way is up.

The dreaded feeling seems to lessen as your mind gently wanders to the scenery around you, taking in one last look before your enevitable death at the top, or god forbid you don’t make it up and just colapse in the middle. While your mind wanders you don’t even notice you have started to ascend this thing, the momentum from every pedal you made earlier is helping you to accomplish this. You find yourself almost re-energized with the fact that this hill is 50% over before it even began!

It doesn’t seem as massive as you predicted, as you led yourself to believe.

Then the momentum stops and it is just you, the bike and the hill. Who is going to win. How badly do you want to get home? You know that being half way finished isn’t finished. The top is there, you can do it. So you push and stand as tall as you can to get the most amount of energy from each stroke. Finally, the only thing standing between you and the top is a small hill that happens to be hidden right at the end.

You did it, look back or just keep your sights forward, you are done. Man it feels good, you are on top of the world. You are victorious!

This is life is it not? I get it now.

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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