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July 4, 2013 / Amberly

Instant Attraction

Goodness this world works in mysterious ways…

Ever see someone and you just know you need to know them.

Maybe they are slacklining in a park, just walked into a natural foods store or casually sitting at a bar. You are just drawn to them, and need to have them in your life, even if it is only for a moment. I have had this happen a few times. Mostly it happens with men, not always in a sexual attraction but almost a spiritual one. For some reason this person is supposed to be in my life and I don’t know why yet, and maybe I will never know. Just in that moment I need to meet them.

The Green Grocers Brisbane

One of my favorite encounters happened in Brisbane Australia. I was walking by The Green Grocers and for some reason I stopped after passing the entrance, retraced my steps and went into the shop. It was extremely small and I was just looking at things, and found myself drawn to this one man. He was big and burly, no shirt with an extremely hairy chest. He was browsing with a lady friend and we started talking, after a 4 minute conversation he invited me for dinner at his house. I agreed and we exchanged numbers.

Dale and I in a park

I was of course a little hesitant, a foreigner going to a mans house after knowing him for 5 minutes. Something in me just had to go. I gave my friends who I was staying with his name, number and address just in case anything happened and off I went.

What followed was one of the best evenings and subsequent mornings of my life. Dale and his roomates were some of the most wonderful people I have ever met! He made a delicious dinner (I can’t remember what we had) we ate in the backyard talking about life and listening to Pink Floyd on the record machine. It was so amazing to meet such like minded souls, who were so kind and genuine.

Fruit from Dale's backyard

We went dumpster diving and had a great time finding so much FREE food! (Which turned into the greatest breakfast!!) After an amazing massage he truly has healing energy, I hesitantly returned to my friends house only to get up 6 hours later to go back to theirs for an amazing breakfast!

Breakfast in Brisbane

Everything we cooked was either from the dumpster or the backyard garden. This was one of my first experience with dumpster diving and I love it. We spent the day together walking around Brisbane, talking about life, how it works and what we have had past experiences with. It is amazing when you find someone that just accepts you for you. No matter how you show up in that moment they are just present with you. I only spent a total of a few days with this man but he truly changed my life, and enriched it in ways I will never know. I feel truly blessed to have “run” into him that one fateful day in Brisbane.


Not all my life changing random encounters have turned out so lovely. They all have their purpose and turn out exactly as they should, one in particular lead to the biggest heartbreak I have ever felt. Either way I fully believe that we should follow our gut, our intuition no matter how frightening it may be to approach the people you are drawn to, you never know what experience you will receive from it!

Love It

Read It, Live It, Share It.



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  1. Amberly / Jul 4 2013 10:34 AM

    Thanks Mom!
    I have to say, life is what we make it and I seem to be lucky making a pretty fantastic one :) Have you had moments where you are drawn to someone and your soul needs to know them (Or already does ;) )

  2. Janet Grant / Jul 4 2013 10:23 AM

    LOVE listening or should I say reading your adventures in life. It’s funny as I know how you talk, so I here it in my head, as I know you would say it. Glad life is a great adventure !!!!

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