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June 2, 2013 / Amberly

I was once called a princess…

While working at a restaurant a long while back, someone once said
“I bet you were such a princess growing up”

I almost punched him in the face.

I think he was trying to understand why I smiled so much and was so happy. He didn’t know me well and decided to make an assumption.

Only problem is when you “assume, you make an ass out of u and me” ;)

He was slightly right when thinking that I had the best life… The answer would be, yes I did have the best life ever, if it were any different I wouldn’t be me. I think it is safe to say BEST is a relative word here.

I remember when I couldn’t explain my childhood without getting a lump in my throat. Now I use it as a way to relate to so many people who have been through tough times, to help explain to people that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you come from you always have a choice. I think that is why I smile, it is a choice to wake up and want to be here. It is a choice to live each day as if you ARE a PRINCESS.

Place a crown on my head because damn I am a princess and I do have the best life ever!

amberly dream life

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