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May 1, 2013 / Amberly

Throw Me a Bone… Please?

You know when you feel like things just keep happening. One thing after the other, then another…

Welcome to my life, the sneak peak isn’t all that fun. At least right now. Normally I am riding high, prancing around the world and work like I own the place, because heck may as well make it the best you can.

But can I be honest. I feel like I have been bitch slapped by the universe/life a few times this year. I think I actually proclaimed that this would be the best year yet… I guess I should have been specific. Someone out there took it as the best year yet… to learn lessons.
Thanks universe/consciousness… Go fuck yourself. :)

Clearly I am at odds with life at this very moment. And I am quite well aware that maybe it is my attitude in this present moment that is defining what comes next. BUT in this moment, I don’t care, and I am going to have a wonderful pity party. Clearly, you all are invited.

Today I woke up with my lips completely swollen. I mean, like I just had lip injections swollen. Flash back to Saturday I had the most amazing night. I met up with amazing women, we connected so well and think the same way. We were all fortunate enough to have a psychic reading and cranial sacral work done at one of their houses. THEN I met up with some great friends and went bowling. Fast forward to Sunday night, and I am curled up in bed with a fever, shakes, my skin hurting and feeling so delirious I can’t look at my cell phone to set an alarm. Monday and Tuesday are alright, but then Wednesday morning rolls around and I look like Dolly Parton.

What the heck!

Now that I have gotten out my frustrations time to change my mindset… Ugh being a victim is soooo much easier.


No matter what happens, it is always leading me to the next best place.

Maybe my lips being swollen stopped me from going out and doing something, which would have led me in the opposite direction of my highest good. I don’t know, I am just left with the discomfort of it,  I can’t see what good it is bringing, but sometimes life is like that. We can’t see the good until later, or maybe not at all.


Is my motto in life. It is the truth.


We are not what happens to us, we are here to experience all these emotions and feelings, we are not limited to what is going on in this present moment. This too shall pass. Correct?

Take a deep breath, smile, and know that everything is happening for my highest good.

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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