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April 19, 2013 / Amberly


Have you ever felt inspired to do something for someone else?

Sometimes you just pick up the telephone and say Hello. Sometimes you compliment them on their dress, or the great shoes they are wearing.

I personally get inspired to the point where I am bursting inside, and I need to release it… in a big way. This is why I started my “Smile, Life is Beautiful” campaign. Sometimes I just need to tell the world that it is alright to be happy. To share love, to be loving, to do small gestures, or grand ones.

Smile, Life is Beautiful

This leads me to yesterday, sitting at home and getting that overwhelming feeling that I need to contribute and do something. I happened to have a few extremely ripe bananas lying around, a great vegan recipe for chocolate cupcakes and some time to kill.

I ended up with two loaves of banana blueberry bread and a dozen chocolate berry filled cupcakes. One loaf I gave to my favorite company to work for MMLocal. The other, I brought to the gentlemen waiting in line at the Denver Rescue Mission.

Smile, Life is beautiful

This is what humbles me about life. That these people waiting for dinner are just so pleasant and nice to a young woman bringing them something to eat. Some asked for a second piece of bread, or politely refused the goods. What a wonderful feeling it was to look into the eyes and faces of the men and know that you are making one small difference. It might not be measurable, but you are doing something.

What is one thing you can do for someone, or your community today?

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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