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December 11, 2012 / Amberly

Life Dreams. Bucket List Thoughts

I just had a conversation with a woman over Google Hang Outs.

I hadn’t talked with her in 5 years. We lived together for about 20 days and she moved out of this chaotic crazy house. It was so interesting because the first thing she said to me was “So when I met you, you wanted to travel the world” Well 5 years later, I have accomplished that goal that to me back then seemed unsurmountable and crazy!

How was I Amberly Grant going to travel the world?

My thoughts back then were, well go be a flight attendant… I obviously didn’t go that route.

It is amazing that when you set your intention, the universe organizes itself to give you exactly what you are looking for. Good, Bad or whatever it may be.

Another Life Dream From When I was 10. Be in Sydney for NYE watching the fireworks!

Another Life Dream from when I was 10. Be in Sydney for NYE watching the fireworks!

There are so many things I have stated that I have wanted. And I have literally accomplished all of them. I always joke that I have to add things to my “bucket list” fast because I am crossing everything off! Things that I couldn’t remember stating I wanted until after accomplishing them.
I remember back in 2006 I had the intention of moving to Thailand to teach English. A coworker at a bar I worked at had done this and I found it fascinating. I remember looking into it and thinking about it. Then ultimately deciding to do a semester of school (before dropping out and moving to Los Angeles) Fast foward to three years later and I am in Thailand teaching English, never having thought about it again or realizing this was a dream of mine “back in the day” A year after I returned from Thailand only then did I realize that I had accomplished something I had set out to do back in high school!


Living in Thailand, petting Elephants!

I have been asked many time in the past 4 days, What does 2013 hold for you Amberly… Well I better start dreaming big because if things keep going the way they are then I better have some lofty dreams!

Read It, Live It, Share It.



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  1. Emily Armstrong / Jan 30 2013 9:16 PM

    You’re so inspiring! What’s your secret to staying so positive all the time :)?

    • Amberly / Jan 31 2013 7:46 AM

      Emily, Thank You so much for your comment. I think the secret is to choose to be positive. That can be the smallest of decisions on a daily basis, or just jumping all in. But remembering positivity is a choice not something that just happens.
      This reminds me I have to get back to blogging :)

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