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December 5, 2012 / Amberly

Conventional Men… No Thanks.

I recently ended things with the first guy I have properly dated in a really long time. (Think like 2 years time frame… maybe more) It had been a month of dating and I just knew that it wasn’t going to be. The decision was a pretty easy one and I gracefully ended it over the phone.

A friend of mine, Dakota Rae asked me what exactly made this “conventional” man not what I want. He would be a great catch to anyone but me.

My friend puts it so elegantly as “Fearing Vanilla”

I have been solidified in the fact that I want someone who is up for the adventure of life. That what we are told by others and society doesn’t really have to be the final say. That we can come up with our own plan. Life doesn’t happen within the chalked lines that are drawn out for us and we can smear those lines as we see fit. Traveling the world together or apart can be in the cards, live on a boat and live life to the fullest is what I want in a partner.

Operative word here is partner.

My absolute favorite woman (besides my mother) my cheer coach once told me “Amberly, when you find a man that is 100% will be the day that you find someone you who is best suited for you” or something like that. It has always stuck with me, and this was back in grade 12… Nothing has changed. I like to think I am near that 100% and there are people that show up pretty damn close, but something has gotten in the way like distance or timing. This doesn’t mean that I am perfect or they are perfect. It just means we are comfortable with ourselves as well as life. That when one person may falter, the other has enough to help pick them up without being depleted.

I don’t want to end up with Vanilla, I want a swirl of strawberry, some caramel and a whole lot of sweet sweet honey :)

Never Settle!

Sitting on the stairs in France

Conventional Men… No Thanks, I will wait.

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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