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November 15, 2012 / Amberly

Celebrate The Little Things

Sitting in Starbucks thinking about how to write a blog about celebrating the small things in life.

As I am on this topic, a couple beside me sitting with a wedding planner planning their wedding. How Ironic.

A wedding is a grand occasion, a big celebration of love. We spend so much time planning and then celebrating this one great achievement.


What about the small accomplishments in this life. What about conducting your first meeting, reading a book you have been dying to read. All the small little things that get us from point A in our lives to point B.

The reason this is coming up is because I was just talking with my sister, and she was mentioning how we are so hard on ourselves. We have something great happen, even something that is small and instead of celebrating, we are asking what is next.

Is this everyone or just us?!

My vow from here on out is to make one specific favorite location to celebrate. I can go to this place, when I feel like I have had a “win”  I can invite someone along, or go by myself and sit for a few moments to be grateful for what I have, what I have done and what I will do!

Graffiti on a brick wall

“Never Ever Stop Becoming”

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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