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October 17, 2012 / Amberly

My Triathlon

I recently did a Sprint Triathlon.

Amberly Sprint Triathlon

Aurora Reservoir

Some may say I wasn’t adequately prepared for it. It happened to be after two weeks of traveling for fun, and we all know what comes with that. I did swim laps around a pool in Tucson AZ the weekend before… not enough when it comes to swimming half a mile in a reservoir!

In my defense I did swim, bike, run prior to this two week sporatic vacation.

Up at 4:00am on the day of. I snagged some of my roommates Yerba Mate, I never drink caffeine but I knew this was one of those times where my caffeine sensitivity would come in handy!

To those that are not sure a sprint triathlon is a 3 part event in this order; 750-meter swim, 20k-bike ride and a 5k-run.

The triathlon was held in the Aurora Reservoir, I have been told that it is much better than the Cherry Creek where it used to be held. (I guess you don’t exit the water covered in scum)

Amberly Grant Triathlon Swim

Nervous… Nah!

Obviously I was pretty nervous, and jazzed up on Yerba Mate, so I couldn’t stand still. We are called to the beach start in waves, standing with a bunch of girls in my age group was a thrill. So much adrenaline, so much anticipation built up for this moment.

Gun goes off… more like a girl shouting into a microphone… we were off. I ran into the water and started with my freestyle swim stroke and then I PANIC! I had completely forgotten about my fear of swimming across lakes…

This is obviously something that would have been handy remembering BEFORE I had my heart set on a triathlon. The thing is I can hang out in a lake, mosey around enjoy a little swim, but if I have a destination, watch out I won’t be too happy. Backstroke and breaststroke were my best friends during this part of the event.


Something I did realize: I am great at swimming in a straight line… useful! There were other girls, one specifically who just kept doing zig zags. I couldn’t imagine how much extra she added to her swim.

Amberly Sprint Triathlon

Collecting My Packet

My swim really put me back in time (good thing I was doing it just to finish!). I pretty much hyperventilated the entire time, first time swimming in a wetsuit is very different than surfing in a wetsuit! It seems to constrict your airways a bit.

Next year I plan to go open water swimming and getting used to all the different elements before I race.

“This is stupid!” I exclaimed to my sister and friend Ben while running up the beach to the bike transition area. The girl in front of me almost ate it because she was laughing and looking back at me.

Transition from swim to bike was really smooth, I was out of my wetsuit and felt SOO FREE! Got to my bike, took a second to get my shirt, shorts, shoes and helmet on. The 1min break was amazing.

On the bike, I didn’t bother to look at the elevation and soon found out the bike course was all hills! Fun Fun! I definitely caught up to a few people on the bike portion. It felt good to be doing something I was comfortable with and good at.

Amberly Grant Sprint Triathlon

Finish Line!

The transition from bike to run is really the easiest, just put your bike on the rack, grab your hat and go!

The most surprising event in my triathlon is my run. This is the part where, you can give as much or as little effort as you want. I have always said that I am not a big runner. I seem to keep proving myself wrong! It felt so natural to run after the other two events. Almost relaxing to end with an event that doesn’t require equipment but a strong mind and a pace.

Seeing that finish line in front of me  was just a wonderful feeling!

I HEAL CLICKED over that finish line!

Grabbed my water, got my time card and my wonderful sister helped me stretch out! This was very nice, I just sat back while she manipulated me into poses that stretched my tired body!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a new challenge in their life! I felt so wonderful completing my first triathlon, I bought my wetsuit and am signing up to the Boulder 1/2 ironman… Why not take it up a level or two…

The thing about me is, I know I will make it to that finish line!

Amberly Grant Sprint Triathlon

Heal Click!


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