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September 6, 2012 / Amberly

Seattle – Dave Matthews in the Gorge

This first few times I had heard of the city Seattle I didn’t think much of it. Well things have definitely changed! In three months I have been to Seattle twice and it has grown on me. I have to say it is a perfect mix of west coast charm with a business attitude.

Anyways this is about Dave Matthews and The Avett Brothers in the Gorge!The Gorge Amphitheater

Piece of advice 1: Best way to go camping when you have to fly to your location is to rent everything from REI. Make sure to reserve your stuff in advanced or you’ll be like me, calling different locations looking for a sleeping bag!

Playing Cards Camping

The Gorge is less than 3 hours away from Seattle, UNLESS someone over heats in the middle of the road and 6 hours later you arrive! Good thing I had great company to keep me entertained and yummy food from Trader Joe’s!

My Favourite Place in the world Trader Joe's

Piece of advice 2: Arriving in the dark to set up a tent… not a great idea. Thankfully these new tents are just a walk in the park! I remember my dad’s 6 person tent taking ages to put up! Not the case here.

Took it easy the first night and went to be early.

The next day was time to rock and roll. Drinking started early in the afternoon… It was 12 o’clock somewhere! I get pretty friendly when I drink, okay all the time, but especially when I have a beer. This was the nicest crowd of people, everyone was willing to meet new people, sit have a chat, a beer. A huge variety in age which made it all that much better! The people across from us had an RV, my goal was to stand on top of it by the end of the day. Accomplished.

Hanging on top of an RV like a playa

When it was time for the show, walking to the gorge is a cinch, follow the masses of people. A bit of a trek, but worth every step. We had seats and didn’t have to fight people for spots to sit in the grass which made it very easy to get around.

When approaching the gorge, there is a steep hill you have to walk, OH MAN you have no warning for the sight you are about to see.


I have never been so unprepared for a view like that! Normally you see photos before hand of a sight so gorgeous, I had never looked up photos of the gorge! I had to stand there for about 10 minutes just taking in the amazing view!

The Gorge

I have to say I was much more excited for the opening band The Avett Brothers than Dave Matthews. They did not disappoint! There were about 3 or 4 songs I was just blown away by. Dancing, singing and drinking Labatt’s Blue I was in heaven! (Not to mention the beautiful view during all this!)

The Avett Brothers

Since everyone raves about Dave Matthews at the gorge I wasn’t sure what to expect, didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. He was wonderful. He had long melodies that were just beautiful,  I am not current on his music, so was a little lost, but none the less it was a great show! I got pretty excited when he played Crash. I heard from others that if you don’t know his new stuff Sunday is the day to go, he takes it old school then. Next year I will have to attend the Sunday showing or just keep current on his stuff! 

The rest of the weekend was a blast. Went back into the city and stayed at Hotel Monaco in downtown Seattle, a little boutique hotel that has so much character.

Space Needle Seattle

Did the usual touristy stuff, Seattle space needle. Fantastic 360 views from the top of that! EMP Jimmy Hendricks museum. Loved seeing the Nirvana exhibit, didn’t know a lot about them, but have obviously heard many of their songs. Always nice to get a little background on things!

Pool at Jillians

Played a little pool to kill the time before a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Wild Ginger! I highly recommend it! A twist on traditional asian cuisine, very classy atmosphere, and I guess Dave Matthews used to frequent there when he lived in Seattle. (His wife was going to Bastyr! My dream school!)

Finished off the weekend with a drink at Dukes Chowder House on Alki Rd and hung out with a wonderful old friend of mine!

Google Eyes


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  1. Janet / Sep 6 2012 9:49 AM

    What an awesome trip…my Gosh that is a BEAUTIFUL sight to have a concert at. Now you know why we love going to the Jamborees…so many people and lots of fun and good music, along with 100 thousand people. Glad you got to experience it. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures.

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