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August 15, 2012 / Amberly

Spontaneous Vegas Trip Anyone?

Just recently I was on a plane back from Las Vegas…

Here is the story.Ticket to Vegas

A lovely Wednesday afternoon I was text messaging with a friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and love getting together. Problem is they live in Arizona and I live in Colorado. There is about a 16 hour drive in between those places. Driving wasn’t an option but HIS suggestion… VEGAS!

I am never one to pass up on a Vegas trip… NEVER

Early Friday morning I was on a plane!

The Cosmopolitan Hotel

First stop oddly enough was Phoenix and with some swagger my friend gets on the plane… Okay there was no swagger. Would have
 been pretty great if there was.

We were staying at The Cosmopolitan, one of the newest greatest hotels on the strip! This place was just spectacular, HUGE crystal chandelier in the middle of the hotel, great restaurants, everything was new and so chic!

First off was obviously the pool. Vegas in the middle of July, need to hit up the pool.

I have been to that city a few times and had all our ducks lined up for going out. Friday night, Tao Night Club to dance the night away. He picked an AMAZING restaurant to go to for dinner, can’t remember the name right now,
will find that out. This restaurant style was old school steak house, I am normally not a meat eater, but when you are presented with wine, veggies and the most amazing steak that has ever crossed your lips… you just have to go with it.

The Cosmopolitan Chandelier

The next day we wanted to go to one of the known pools around town and after a bit of shopping at the Fashion Show Mall we decided on Bare, the topless pool at the Mirage Resort and Casino. What a great choice, fun young atmosphere, only problem is that to get a seat around the pool that day you needed to spend $150 a person. DAMN. Well no problem for us, only in Vegas once… or at least this month. Hanging by a pool, sipping fresh muddled drinks, people watching, and going for a dip in the pool when the sun got a little too much is the life!

Dancing the night away at Tao

Have I mentioned I love my life?!

We walked around the strip a little and then went to get ready for the evening.

Dinner was at the Venetian Hotel, a nice little italian restaurant. The wine was flowing yet again :)

Our next plan, Spearmint Rhino, the famous strip club in Vegas. We arrived and it was just so crowded… I feel if this was a tweet the hashtag would be #firstworldproblems. We went to another club Treasures, just down the road. It is so hard to find a strip club in Vegas.  Not.

In Front of the Chandelier The Cosmopolitan Hotel

Some people have their opinions on strip clubs but I have had two roommates that have worked at strip clubs, very normal in my world.

Met some really fun people from Montreal Canada, spoke a little French. Who says you can’t find culture at a “peelers” as my Canadian friend calls them.

The next day was very simple. My rule for Vegas is two nights three days, it just gets a little old any more than that.

Speaking of Montreal our last night we went to the Cirque de Soleil show “O” at the Bellagio.

Cirque De Soleil O Tickets


Seriously amazing talent. I have a special appreciation for diving, one of my greatest friends was a massage therapist for USA diving and I have been to a few diving meets. These athletes are just incredible, I am amazed when I see people who use their body for their work. I respect the amount of time, commitment and sacrifice for their craft. It is so inspiring. I have been to many Cirque shows and by far this is the best one.

Time to go home! Thank Goodness

The next morning was time to get back to REALITY.

I think this life is supposed to be about having fun, enjoying the people around you and have as many experiences as possible. What should you say “YES” to?

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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  1. janet / Aug 16 2012 9:39 AM

    GREAT to hear of your adventures…keep it up.

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