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August 15, 2012 / Amberly

A Girl Always Loves to Get Chocolate in the Mail!

I just came home to the greatest little surprise!

My very good friend Krista sent me some of her favorite goodies from Scotland. She had mentioned that she would be sending me some fair trade and absolutely DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE… AND here it is!

Come home to packages from the UPS

Love coming home to a few packages! Flowers and Chocolate… from two different people. That is a lucky day!

The thing I find so great about getting this package was that she told me she would do this and 7 days later, there it is at my door! Most people they will say one thing and do something else. So you will be told that you are getting a package or they will do something for you and well… a month goes by and nothing happens.

Krista isn’t this way. She is a “doer”. This is something I really admire about her, she is an “over achiever” and works her butt of for everything she has and has accomplished. As I said I really admire this about her.

Probably because this is something I can lack at times! :P

Sometimes though we need a break from being someone we think we are. Discover new things about ourselves.

Right now Krista is living in Achiltibuie Scotland, basically throwing caution to the wind, working at a little bed and breakfast. She doesn’t have a million things to do, all she has to do is figure out who she is. Of course she takes on extra tasks… like trying to boost moral and the spirit of this little bed and breakfast, but it wouldn’t be her if she didn’t do something to go above and beyond.

I want to say that she has inspired me to keep my word, and not “over-promise”

If I say i am going to do something. DO IT. If I don’t think I can do it… then don’t pretend I can.

What can  you improve on this week?

Eating Chocolate from Scotland

Eating YUMMY fair trade chocolate from Scotland!

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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