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June 26, 2012 / Amberly

My First Garden!

Lettuce Growing between the cracks

Lettuce Growing between the cracks


I have never had a green thumb, so THANKFULLY I have moved into a house with a roommate that does. Actually he has more than a green thumb, Aron is the operations manager at a small local business that converts organic waste into high quality organic soil. I happen to get the best of this by being his roomie.

Every year he creates a three plot organic garden in the front of our house. As I said I have not been very good with gardens in the past. Ask my old roommate in Tucson what happened to her sunflowers when she went on vacation… two years in a row. Oops.

This year though it was my intention to move into a place that I could learn how to have a garden, I expect to have one every summer for the rest of my life and I better learn a little bit about how to make it happen.

My Garden

I have learned tons from Aron:

  • When you see a flower on a zucchini plant, a zucchini will soon follow.
  • Lettuces, spinach and other greens are cold weather plants and this heat wave in Denver is not helping out.
  • If you let a spinach plant go to bloom, it will no longer produce spinach leaves, dang!
  • Corn is a very interesting plant, takes a lot of nutrients from the soil, need to plant a little further apart than other plants.
  • Peppers come from the most beautiful, greenest, plant ever, I can see why they are chocked full of vitamins and minerals.

DinnerMy favorite part of the garden was picking greens a week ago and making myself a salad. What an amazing feeling it was to reach in and take how much I needed for my evening salad. I thoroughly enjoy learning and eating from our garden. I know it is an inspiration to others that walk by, if we are out tending to it people always stop to chat about it.

Aron and I just want to encourage others to grow and eat local, nutritious, delicious food.

Read It, Live It, Share It.


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  1. Janet Grant / Jun 26 2012 8:16 AM

    Makes me envious, as I think it is sooo rewarding to be able to eat what you grow. I loved growing herbs and making tintures. Do you remember when we got our first composter and you and Jen would show me, when and how to use it…you were both so proud to let me know that you were helping out at school with their composter !!

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