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May 31, 2012 / Amberly

Going With Your Gut

I am having soup in Whole Foods and thinking about why I moved to Denver Co.

Map Portland Oregon


My life here is incredible. I feel blessed everyday living the life I do, but why did I choose it. Sometimes we attribute where we land to just chance or luck of the draw. I had a choice, two very appealing choices to tell you the truth.

When I landed in the US from my life in Australia, I had to pick up 3 boxes in Phoenix AZ. I was dead set on driving to Denver, up through Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Moab. A very clear route. Sitting on the couch at my aunts house I had a strange sensation of just driving to Portland, blow off my job interview, and start fresh there. It seemed like the right thing to do, it felt right, but, as I was thinking this, I had a little voice in my head say “Go to Denver, Heather needs you” (This makes sense to me, but maybe not to you : P) What a tough decision, although I know that EVERYTHING works out for our highest good. So here I am sitting with all my stuff and where do I go?

Map of Denver Co

OR There

I ultimately decided that the urge to go to Denver for whatever reason was stronger. I had visited before and new that I LOVED the city. It isn’t to say I just came here to help out a loved one, but maybe in helping this person I help myself. That’s how it works right, by giving to others we end up getting.

After a month and a half of living in Denver, I told this story to Heather and she knows exactly what my role is here, as do I.

P.S. That day I asked my aunt what she thought, would Denver or Portland be a better fit for me. When she came home from work the next day she said she had been saying the names of the two cities over and over in her head and she got the same answer. Portland had a better energy around it for me, funny, makes you think there just may be a universal consciousness out there EH?

*This entire post was written because of the song “Half Moon” by Blind Pilot 

This is one of my ultimate favorite songs and as I was thinking about why I moved to Denver it came on at Whole Foods. It was the song I would play over and over again while getting ready to move to Australia.

Read It, Live It, Share It.



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  1. Janet Grant / Jun 5 2012 4:11 PM

    I love this site…didn’t even know you had it. I will continue to look forward to reading your articles…especially the one of you making your OWN deodorant !!! I can’t believe you can make your own B.O. juice…INCREDABLE!!! I’m inpressed.

    • Amberly / Jun 5 2012 4:30 PM

      B.O Juice HAha Fantastic!
      Just made this site middle of May so it is new!! :)

  2. morningmichiru / May 31 2012 7:23 PM

    Blind Pilot made this post infinitely better; what a fitting choice. Also, they’re from Portland! :)

    • Amberly / May 31 2012 7:33 PM

      I know EH! I visited Portland, listened to them the whole time and when I later returned home I found out that’s where they are from!

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